About Breathe and Stretch


Breathe and Stretch breast cancer recovery program empowers breast cancer survivors with the knowledge, and understanding of how breath work, and intentional movement positively impact the recovery process.

When we complete our treatment protocol, often times we move on with our lives with no direction, or guidance to continue to foster our continued healing. Breath and Stretch was created to be able to provide that direction.

Breathe and Stretch is the result of Edna Campbell's efforts to regain her health after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the height of her professional basketball career in the WNBA. At that time, Edna was tasked with undergoing treatment, and having to learn how to restore her range of motion, strength, and stamina. What Edna learned has resulted in a powerful tool, and a passion to share it with others.

Breathe and Stretch Classes will be available online starting October 1, 2019, and the 12-week program, which consists of 12 consecutive, weekly classes will begin October 5th.